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 The Speed Of Bad News, Tag: Harry and Kean
Harry Potter
 Posted: Today at 09:57 am
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Visits of this nature were by far the worst part of Harry's job. Having to visit parents and tell them horrible news about their children was one of the most difficult things he'd ever done in his life. And this family, in particular, Harry hated to dump bad news on. They'd been through so much with the spell damage to Jared, and now to find out that it was the hands of his son and how that had come about... well, he knew that it must be very near torture for them.

"Mr. Baker,' he said, choosing his words very carefully. "Of course I'm here in my official capacity, but it's not like when I get to work I can take off the roles of father and mother and leave them at the door. I don't know at all firsthand what you must be going through, but I can at least try to sympathize." Yes, his job was to handle crime and to arrest and deal with those who broke the law and caused others harm. But he also knew that justice had to be tempered with mercy. "Dyson was just a kid when this all happened. And as most of us have been, he was foolish and made some very foolish choices. Now, I'm more the 'order' part of the law and order in the magical community so I can't make you any promises. But I don't' think I'm overstating when I say that my opinions carry some weight with those in charge of prosecuting magical crimes. I want the truth in all of this, and I most definitely want to make sure that coach gets everything that's coming to him. But as for 'building a case' against your son goes? Unless there is more to this story that I don't know, I'm not very interested in that any more than you are. He needs help, and I imagine that's going to be mandatory or else there may be more repercussions to come. And there may be some mild punishment for the use of extreme magic at the age he was. But beyond that, trutly, I don't anticipate much trouble for him or the rest of your family." Usually he didn't say things like that to anyone he was interacting with for work. But this was hardly a usual situation, and the fact was he felt for all parties involved.

@Jared Baker
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