Welcome to the Treehouse! We are a post-potter sandbox rpg that spans the entire magical world, but focuses on four of the major magic schools from Harry Potter canon: Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. Now, two decades after the Second Wizarding War, the muggle and magical worlds are on the brink of becoming one. Will this spark a third war, or will the peaceful climate be maintained? Join us to find out! The current year is 2020.
The Treehouse Spotlight!
THE TREEHOUSE SPOTLIGHT FOR JANUARY IS LYSANDER SCAMANDER! Although Lysander is a twin, he does enough to stand out on his own and earn the Treehouse Spotlight. Mr. Scamander is eccentric, loyal, a Hufflepuff to the core. Although anyone could be jealous of his good looks and killer hair, he is currently navigating his romantic life recently with Raikou. This had been eventful year for him with Virus A, so we only hope that he finds his grounding and success in 2021. Congrats to both Lysander and his writer, Kean!

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Ground Floor
The entrance to Ilvermorny is the most impressive area. Large statues of the founders Isolt and James stand on the sides of large oak doors. Entering the castle, one finds themselves in the sorting area, represented by statues of the house mascots and the Gordian Knot where students stand to be sorted. There are numerous balconies above where students can watch the sorting process, and there is a dining hall straight ahead of the doors. The Horned Serpent Common Room can also be found here.

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2 4 Jan 5 2018, 03:03 PM
In: January Never Felt So Wrong
By: Cathryn Overy
First Floor
The tone of the first floor is a special one. The grey brick is changed for a cozy white and large paintings of nature - most likely surroundings of the castle - are on the walls. Potions classrooms are held here with their easy access to ingredients from the grounds, along with Arithmancy.

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Second Floor
Light lavender accent ceilings carry through all of the halls of the second floor, representing that the Pukwudgie Common Room can be found somewhere here. More gold light fixtures hang, and the Hospital Wing can be found at the beginning of the main corridor. History of Magic and Muggle Studies classes take place here.

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1 8 Jan 15 2018, 10:10 AM
In: Lesson 501: The Second Wiza...
By: Kenna Gideon
Third Floor
The third floor can feel a bit like a maze. There are many small staircases and twists and turns in the corridors, making it easy to get lost. This is most likely why the Wampus Common Room can be found here. This is where many of the moving portraits can be found, and is where the location of the school's original cottage was. The Defense Against the Dark Arts classes are held here.

2 1 Jan 8 2018, 02:41 PM
In: Disarming Spell (d.a.d.a Cl...
By: Cathryn Overy
Fourth Floor
Access to a few of the school's small towers can be found on the fourth floor. Much of the floor is taken up by the large library, with plenty of study and reading nooks to go along with. Transfiguration classes take place in a large room with a complete glass wall, overlooking the grounds.

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1 3 Dec 18 2017, 01:19 PM
In: Lost Pages
By: Catarina Garcia
Fifth Floor
The fifth floor is famous for its beautiful gold crown molding run throughout. There is a certain elegance about it. Thanks to the Charms classes held on this floor, the large windows - some stain glass - let in just the right amount of light. Ancient Runes classes are set up in some of the extra classrooms.

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Isolt Tower
The tallest of the twin towers, Isolt tower - named after one of the founders - is very grand. There are floor to ceiling windows and many comfortable furniture pieces to lounge around with friends or play a game of Gobstones. Home of the Thunderbird Common Room as well, the tower is just a short walk away to the school owlery.

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James Tower
Named after the other founder, James Steward, this tower holds the Astronomy and Divination classes. Many of the rooms are curved in shape with the tower, and it is tradition to write your name under one of the staircases in the tower after your first term at Ilvermorny.

1 4 Dec 29 2017, 11:06 AM
In: Writing The Future
By: Rosalie Willows
The grounds aren't the largest of the magical schools, but Ilvermorny prides itself in its natural beauty and upkeep. The Green River runs behind the castle, with plenty of forested area in the surrounding areas. Many flower beds and shade-providing trees make a serene and peaceful area to relax. Care of Magical Creatures classes are held behind the school, with Herbology classes near the largest field of flowers.

2 25 Jan 10 2018, 11:15 PM
In: Fireflies Challenge #7
By: Harmony Kakoa

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