Welcome to the Treehouse! We are a post-potter sandbox rpg that spans the entire magical world, but focuses on four of the major magic schools from Harry Potter canon: Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. Now, two decades after the Second Wizarding War, the muggle and magical worlds are on the brink of becoming one. Will this spark a third war, or will the peaceful climate be maintained? Join us to find out! The current year is 2020.
The Treehouse Spotlight!
THE TREEHOUSE SPOTLIGHT FOR JANUARY IS LYSANDER SCAMANDER! Although Lysander is a twin, he does enough to stand out on his own and earn the Treehouse Spotlight. Mr. Scamander is eccentric, loyal, a Hufflepuff to the core. Although anyone could be jealous of his good looks and killer hair, he is currently navigating his romantic life recently with Raikou. This had been eventful year for him with Virus A, so we only hope that he finds his grounding and success in 2021. Congrats to both Lysander and his writer, Kean!

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 Site Plot & Timeline
 Posted: Sep 28 2014, 08:55 PM
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Treehouse Site Plot
Welcome to The Treehouse RPG. We are a next generation Harry Potter site, spanning the entire magical and muggle world, and focusing on the four largest and most prominent wizarding schools of the age.

After the Second Wizarding War and the demise of Lord Voldemort, the wizarding world was rebuilt under the rule of Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was appointed the Minister for Magic. He cooperated with the other international representatives, to bring about a time of peace between wizards, almost completely eradicating extremist purebloods that might cause a threat. Of course, prejudice still exists amongst some, and always will, but this is few and far between. Finally, the wizarding world lives in peace with one another, and international relations and connection have never been better.

Now, 2 decades on from the War, the muggle and magical worlds are on the brink of becoming one. Over time, they began to merge more than ever before, due to the continuing and increasing number of muggle born and half blood wizards, and whilst the laws are currently still in place that the wizarding world remains hidden from muggles, every day there are more and more muggle wizard relations being built. Some believe this to be risky - that muggles will turn on the wizarding community like they once did in Salem, whilst others believe it to be a great step forward for wizard-kind, to be able to unhidden within the world, and share it side by side with the rest of the human race. Will this spark a third war, or will the current peaceful climate be maintained?


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Absence Notice
 Posted: Sep 28 2014, 09:00 PM
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This timeline goes for all students who attend magic schools, and all staff who teach at magic schools.

The current calendar year is 2020.

All characters (students, adults, and children) will age in real-time. On Treehouse, we have a "Birthday Committee" which sweeps all characters once a month and is in charge of aging up each character on his/her mini profile during that character's birthday month. This means you as the writer do not need to worry about aging up your characters; the staff will do that for you.

Each school year will run from September to the end of June, with a month for Christmas Holiday, a month for Easter Holiday, and two months off for Summer Holiday. During the holidays, all students are allowed to post anywhere on the board, so long as they have a plausible reason to be there. For example, a younger student who cannot apparate should not be wandering around in a different country without her parents, unless she is on a family holiday, or visiting a friend, etc. Students and school staff may post at all special events, even if the event is not hosted at their home school (all events will specify this as well).

All students will graduate from their current year in June, and be moved up over the summer in time for the Aurumn Term in September. No students may move up a year at any other time during the year. All students that are active at the time of the move-ups will age up a year. If you fall inactive and miss the move-up period, you may have to wait for the next move-up. If a student wishes to graduate early from school, or graduate in a month that isn't June, that must be approved by the Treehouse Admin Team.

Characters who study abroad will be on exchange for an entire school year. Each student character may do a maximum of two (2) exchange years.

Most dates are taken from the HP Lexicon, so they come from Harry Potter canon. These are not set in stone and may change slightly each year, depending on where holidays fall, so make sure to look out for announcements.

Autumn Term: September 4th - December 8th

Winter Term: January 8th - March 30th

Spring Term: May 1st - June 30th

Summer Holiday: July 3rd - August 31st


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